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Efficiency and design for the home

We simplify day-to-day housework by offering solutions to ironing, laundry, home storage, kitchen and bathroom duties through innovative products. We respond to consumer needs and offer functional, attractive and high-quality products full of personality that fit perfectly into your home.


Elegant cleanliness

We are the inventors of the cross-threaded mop, “The Original”.
We have over 60 years of experience in simplifying household chores through our cutting-edge of high-quality, well-designed mops, brooms, buckets and other cleaning equipment.

About us

We are companies who, since our foundation in 1954, have been pioneers in the creation and introduction of numerous products across a range of markets, including ironing boards, ironing board covers, mops and more household items.

We strive to offer solutions to the expansive range of domestic needs through the forward thinking and the design of functional items. We focus on the smallest details that give our products their unique personality and high-quality.

The success of our business model has enabled us to achieve and maintain a strong international presence from the beginning.


What we do

We do

We design products to simplify life around the house.

We do

We create functional, attractive and high-quality products.

We do

We offer swift and efficient service.


Our products can be found in more than eighty countries.

We do



Avda. Bertrán y Güell, 41-45

08850 Gavà

Barcelona – Spain

    Sant Gervasi - Galvany, 08021 Barcelona, Spain

    Our offices as well as our main facilities are located in Gavà, Barcelona, with excellent connections to the airport (7 km) and the port (16 km) of Barcelona.